Friday, January 26, 2007


Another quick post. We are working like one armed paper hangers at work and it will be that way the next couple of weeks. Going in early and staying late . . . that kind of thing. Not conducive to a good attitude or running, but run I must!

Thursday night I went over to Susan's to get in a run. We ran 3 miles together and she decided to stop since she had run the night before and will be running 10 miles on Saturday. We don't want her to build too quickly because we all know that leads to injury. I ran one additional mile and I pushed it really hard. It was a crystal clear evening and brisk. Perfect for running. The last mile was almost magical. I felt like I was continuously picking up speed. I was wearing my Tikka headlamp and it was funny/wierd to be plowing through the night air, blowing my steamy breath into the beam. A person out walking their dog said they thought I was a locamotive coming around the corner. Not sure it that is good or bad but I thought it was funny.

I am planning on running 5 hard miles Saturday morning and then running an easy 10 with Susan on Saturday afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey---better than one legged paper hangers; that could hinder your running---(that is suppose to be funny).