Friday, January 19, 2007

not quite

wondering about the title. Simple. I fagged out and only ran 4 miles Thursday night. Was planning on 5 but for no particular reason I decided to stop at 4. Well maybe several reasons to be honest. I was over at Susan's and she ran first while I stayed with the girls. I went for my run after she got back. It was just starting to get dark, it was cool and misty, Susan was starting dinner (and I was hungry). I guess the biggest reason I quit was the fact that when I came back by Susan's house (remember, this is a one mile loop) with one left to go, I noticed the smell of smoke . . . not that scary smell of a fire out of control, but the pleasant smell of a fire being started in the fireplace . . . the smell of warmth . . . the smell of home. It just made me stop dead in my tracks and evaluate the next 8 1/2 minutes of my future. Should I run another mile (I can always run) or spend the extra time with Susan and possibility of special moments. In the big scheme of things I think the fire in the fireplace is more important.

Planning on 10 miles Saturday. Talk to you later! Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

And Hamlin, that is what life is all about---so blessed you are to recognize this.

Phil said...

Saw on Susan's blog that you did get in the 10 miler this weekend. Nice job. I don't blame you for stopping for a good meal with great company.