Friday, February 02, 2007

Feeling better

Yep . . . it must have just been a head cold. It is starting to subside and I predict full recovery by the end of the week (unless I do something really stupid which I am sometimes prone to do).

I did a good hard 4 miler Wednesday afternoon. Susan invited me over for dinner so I took my running clothes over after work. Susan didn't run but her oldest daughter, MA, rode her bike with my while I ran. It is hard to explain to a 10 year old that we're going to a "medium effort". It worked out good though. I ran much harder than expected . . . I didn't have a watch but based on effort and the amount of heavy breathing and sweat in 40 degree weather, I'd guess we were turning in the low 8 minute range.

I am going to run this afternoon after work and I think MA is wanting to ride her bike again. I have to work Saturday so I am moving my long run to Sunday afternoon. Susan and I are planning on a hilly 10 or 12 miler Sunday after church. This should help us rid ourselves of any guilt over eating cheese dip during the SuperBowl!

Have a great weekend.

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Jason The Running Man said...

Great blog, found you off CRN.