Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Good Wednesday morning

Yep . . . I did it again. Got so busy that I failed to post.

Let me start this post by telling you that I did the 20 miles on Saturday. It was not pretty and I probably would not have done it had it not been for Dom "the Dominator". Of course, if he had not run with me, I would have run 10-15 seconds slower and probably wouldn't have crashed. However, I do appreciate Dom's running with me and providing me with distractions and positive thoughts.

It was supposed to be a cool morning Saturday. It wasn't. Fortunately, I was out of bed at 5:00 and running by 6:00 am. I had already turned about 5 miles when I saw Dom running. Remember . . . Dom is FAST. Dom likes to run FAST. I am doing a LONG, SLOW, run. There was no way to hide from him and we joined up. He said he was going to do a 10 miler so he'd run the middle miles with me. He did good at keeping his pace slow for me. We pretty much ran right at a 9:00 pace give or take a few seconds. The pace was slow enough for him that after his 10 miles he decided to run with me until the end. GEE THANKS! We actually did fairly well until about 18 1/2 miles. That is when the mind and body went bye-bye. Dom was encouraging and trying to prod me on but the fat man won out. The last mile I had to walk but Dom stuck with me and helped me through it. The whole evolution took 3 hours, 7 minutes.

I hate failure. That has been two weekends in a row where I did not do what I wanted to do. I HATE THAT. I am starting to make it a habit-a very bad habit.

I took off Sunday to rest and bounced back Monday morning with a pretty good 6 miler. I ran some fartleks and pickups and felt pretty happy about a couple of 8 minute miles I threw in. I know that I am nowhere near as strong as I was in April but I am working on it. I have less than 4 weeks until the marathon. The real marathon that I am trying to perform well in is Rocket City which is 14 weeks away. I am just looking at what I am doing now as base.

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Dom said...

You can run, but you can't hide. I think it was your hydration plan that may have led to the crash at the end. Running - always a learning experience!