Thursday, September 14, 2006

And the Doctor said . . .

"You again?"

Nothing like feeling welcome! Yes, my tendonitis did flare up. Yes, it is back in the same foot. Yes, I am in panic mode about the marathon.

"Overuse injury."

Who, me? No one has ever accused me of over doing anything!

I admit it. I tried to pile on the miles too quickly. Now I just hope to stay in shape for Rocket City marathon which is 12 1/2 weeks away.

"I'll give you an injection but be warned that you will still have some pain and you could still do some damage if you're not careful. I'd recommend that you don't run for several more days."

blah, blah, blah. Just give me the freaking needle

and let me get on with it! I got my cortisone injection yesterday afternoon and also got a prescription for Mobic (an NSAID that is similar Vioxx. Did I ever tell you how much I loved Vioxx while I could get it?). I am taking off the rest of the week. However, I am PLANNING on running Saturday morning. This run will determine whether or not I run in the marathon. I have a scheduled 20-22 miler . . . probably be more like 20 if I were to guess. I have resolved myself to a nice, slow marathon . . . a training run, as it were.

Don't worry-if I fail and bail Saturday, I'll take it easy for another week and then start back with mid-mileage workouts and refocus on Huntsville.

Of course the hardest part now is trying to convince myself that this week of not running has not turned my into a sloth!


Phil said...

Ouch ... I hate shots!

Do you really want to run 20 miles? You know you can, but do you want to? If you go out and over stress your foot, what have you accomplished? Nothing. On the otherhand if you cut back a little and run an easy 16 miles and feel great you'll have the confidence to go out and running 26 in Portland.

The worst that will happen to you in Portland is that you'll get fatiqued and slow down on the last 10 miles. On the plus side, you'll will have a great weekend in a great town with a great woman. Now that's a hard combination to beat.

Dom said...

I agree wholeheartedly with the wise and philisophical Phil (pun intended). In fact, after dissing me last time we ran together, I may just come out and run at least 16 with you ;-) Like I said last time, I will run whatever pace you want to run...I would not force an old broke down fat man to run anything fast.

I like the great town, great weekend, great woman mantra...why ruin it with a friggin' marathon?

Your friend and pain in the buttock, Dom(inator)

DawnB said...

Good luck with your run this weekend Jim. Take it easy will ya

Anonymous said...

You have very intelligent friends, listen to them.