Sunday, June 11, 2006

Weekend is over . . . . bummer

Hey all. Yes, another weekend is gone. Who made the rules? I think that we should only have to work two days and week and have five day weekends . . . who's with me??? The ultimate alternate work schedule!

Today is Sunday. I didn't do much of anything, as far as running, biking or swimming. I did work outside most of the day in mid-90s heat to I guess that counts for something. I've been helping my running/triathlon buddy Susan work on her deck. It was in need of some TLC and I'm the guy who can do it. I trade labor for meals and beverages. Actually, I think I'm getting the better end of the deal . . . just don't tell Susan that!

Yesterday is another story. It was one of those once in a blue moon kind of days. Out of bed a 5:15 (no alarm clock)-stretch, grunt and other morning rituals. Load up the bike and met my buds at Four Mile Church for our weekly Saturday ride at 7:00 am. In attendance were Kerry and his son Michael-they were on a tandem. Larry M (ride leader), Ray G, Jim ("Old Jim") and his wife Lin (da), Roxanne (Rox), Cathy, and me ("New Jim"). It was a great morning for a ride and it quickly started heating up. We were doing around 50ish miles-Larry had plotted the course and we had an interesting twist-When we hit 48 miles at an intersection we could choose either a 2 mile route back to the cars or a 7 mile route back. Rox, Jim, and Lin took the 50 option and the rest of us took the 55 mile option. At 48 miles, we had been averaging 16.9 mph. So we decided to kick it up and finish with a 17 mph average. I haven't done the math but we had to average much faster to bump the average up to 17 at the finish and we did it!. I had a couple of really good pulls that averaged in the 20-21 mph range. My legs felt great and I was ashamed of being such a wimpy boy on Tuesdays 35 mile ride.

After the bike ride, Larry M and I played 18 holes of golf in a little tournament at my home course here in Eagle Point. Actually, it was a scramble and there were three of us playing together. We never carded a bogie and had 7 birdies for 7 under. We played well but did not make any money. It was hot afternoon . . . low 90s and after the bike ride, it was a bit of work to make it through the 18 holes.

Needless to say, Saturday was a VERY good day, I had a blast, and I'm ready to bump our rides up to the 60+ range. However, tomorrow we go back to work :(.


ashville said...

New York coming up; doing all the healthy stuff that is good for you--something we love to read about and then just sit back, relax and dream of all of the good healthly stuff you are doing..and hope it rubs off on us..Good, keeping up with carpenter work. sounds like you are on the right track!

Anonymous said...

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