Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Nov. 22-First blogging day

I have finally decided to try this "blogging" thing. I've always found it helps to motivate me to journal my running. I have now decided to share that information with you. Maybe something I say can help or perhaps you can see an error I'm making in my training and will drop me a line @ jhambham@charter.net.

Last night I ran an easy 5 miler. I usually run easy on Mondays after a Saturday long run and a Sunday bike ride. BTW, I ran 12 miles Saturday @ 9:02 pace. I know that is slow to some of you, but it's better than sitting on the sofa, drinking beer . . . or is it? :)

I am planning on running the half-marathon at the Mercedes Marathon here in Birmingham on Feb. 12. I am running as a Partner in Training for a local charity-The Bell Center. Check out my page for the fund raising.


nancytoby said...

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi, Jim!

I've done the half at Disney, but not the full. And definitely not both in one weekend!! Crazy!

I did the Mercedes Half, the first year, I think - I enjoyed it! I haven't seen how they've changed the course since I did it, though. Great medals! Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

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