Monday, November 28, 2005

I hate the treadmill

yep . . . . can't stand the machine. Have one downstairs where it's dry and warm and it sits in front of a TV. My wife uses it when the weather is bad. Not me! I'm a HE MAN! That explains why I ran tonight in the pouring rain, lightning, and tornado warnings. At least it wasn't cold.

Truthfully, the weather had slacked up enough for me to dart out the door and get started. Since it is Monday, I was doing an easy run (sans watch) as recovery from Saturday's 12 miler. I was planning on an easy 5 or 6 miler. No such luck . . . after I got 2 miles out the lightning started back up. Since I live in a hilly area with lots of trees, I figured I better turn around and head to the house. By the time I hit 3 miles, it was a toad strangler. It was raining so hard, my Tikka Plus headlight couldn't be seen, even on bright.

I made it home safely. Wet, but safe. Only got in 4 miles, but will make it up tomorrow night. Planning on a 6 miler tomorrow night and throw in my Tuesday night fartleks.

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