Monday, February 02, 2009


yes, yuck-
never mind. I have managed to contract some kind of stomach bug. Actually this feels more like a St Bernard or something of quivalent size. Not sure where it came from-perhaps the circus last Friday night. I felt good on Saturday and went for a nice 5 miler Saturday afternoon. E had a friend over to spend the night so I guess she could have introduced this dibolical biological threat to human kind. Doesn't matter. I have felt like (insert your own word here)and continue to feel like whatever word you chose.

I felt fine Sunday morning. MAC was sickly so Susan stayed home with MAC and I took E to Sunday school (kicking and screaming, it's not fair!!!). I had to remind her that she stayed home several weeks ago when she was running a temperature. About halfway through my SS class, I started feeling nauseated. I mean stomach flip flops, not finishing coffee, breaking into a sweat kind of thing. We skipped church and headed home. We were supposed to eat brunch at my parents' house but I had to bail because
1-I don't like puking on the side of the road.
2-I don't like puking into Wal-Mart bags while pulled over to the side of the road.
3-I prefer to be sick at home.

By early afternoon, the "D" word got me. You know, loosey goosey. And then the purge really began. For those of you who prefer not to read about or discuss bodily functions, you should skip to next paragraph. We've all been there-sitting on the head with your head stuck in a garbage can. Awful. And it wasn't even from a wild night of partying. Probably from a kid. I have done some tough things in my life but nothing compares to being exposed to the germ carriers 24 hours a day. It's an absolute miracle that any kid makes it out of school alive. Okay, back to bodily functions. I think I managed to clear everything out from the last 2 months. Remember the Seinfeld episode with the black and white cookie? Remember how he fought to retain his puke free streak. I was sort of fighting it. But once I gave into just a little gag, it was all over. And the body aches.

I thought it might be the flu but I had a flu shot and I really didn't have a fever. Maybe gall stones? All I know is that I was down for the count. I spent the rest of Sunday in the horizontal position, half awake, half asleep with the TV on, not caring what I was listening to. At least the TV sort of drowned out the sounds of my grunting and whimpering. I also had chills. Big shivering, quaking, uncontrollable shakes. I took Tylenol and that helped a little bit with the body ache. I went to bed just knowing that it was my last day on earth.

I awoke Monday (today) morning feeling a wee bit better. However, not good enough to go into work. Now, if you know me, you know that I don't like to skip work, unless golf or travel is involved. Body aches were gone but stomach was still not right. Susan had me try some oatmeal before they left for school. It stayed down. Yippee. I had soup and sweet tea for lunch. Mistake. Got to see the noodles for a second time. Yuck. I've sort of been bouncing between feeling okay to feeling bad. We just had tacos (I never said I was smart) for dinner. Plain. Flour torts and hamburger meat. Still trying to decide if I'll keep it. I'll keep you posted.

MAC is trying to read over my shoulder and wants to use the computer to listen to some hiphop or whatever it is kids listen to on Youtube. Got to watch them. Check you later.


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