Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Okay, okay. I am a very bad person. I never knew how different life would be with a family. I went from having all the time in the world (and being lonely) to having small snippets of time that I try to mend together (and have a family). Not complaining-just sharing observation about my life. Busy best describes it. Priorities have definitely changed. Normally, Saturdays were reserved for long runs, working in the yard (which I love to do), grilling out with my neighbors and having one too many of whatever we are drinking at the time. Now Saturdays are about soccer, dance pictures, splitting time with the father, and numerous other things that have somehow become more important. I am still searching for a balance. I'm I'll figure it out eventually.

I know I cannot catch up since my last post. I will talk about this week so far. Susan has not been running regularly and just tries to catch a mile here and there. Sunday afternoon we went for a three miler that turned into a three mile run/walk. We had fun and stopped in several open houses along the way just to be nosey neighbors. The father had the kids so we were able to enjoy our time together and come back to the house, sit on the screened in porch (with propane heater) and read. Monday I did a quick 3 miler. Felt good and Sunday made me sort of hungry for more. Today I went out and did a 4 miler on my hilly course. The weather was slightly warmer (high 50s) and a tee shirt was plenty. Of course I also wore shorts and shoes. I am civilized after all. The run was enjoyable. I know that I was not fast but I did push and it felt good to do it. I'll take off on Wed. and then run on Thursday and hopefully on Saturday or Sunday. We are supposed to go to Atlanta for a soccer tournament but I may stay in town with E to get her picture made with dance class. Of course if we stay in town, we are going to stay in town the whole weekend and work in my yard in Eagle Point. It may be a weekend where we divide and conquer . . . Susan and MAC at soccer tournament and E an myself staying in B'ham. As typical with my new life, chaos is the norm and we don't have a plan yet.

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