Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hey there. Yep, I'm back. Nothing big. Weeks of short runs and just building base..

You may or may not know, Susan and I are at the beach this week. L.A. (or lower Alabama) as most southerners know it. It is spring break in Alabama. However, we don't have the girls. Their father has them this spring break so we are kidless. We were originally supposed to be going to Vegas this week for our official "honeymoon". However, with the economy the way it is, we decided to save some money, skip Vegas, and just head to the beach for our alone time.

Facebook followers already know that it rained the first day we were down here. I'm not talking about an off and on sprinkle. We're talking about pouring down, toad strangler, rain. We spent several hours in Fairhope Alabama trying to go in and out of the antique shops but after several hours of just getting wet, we took a vote and decided to go to a local restaurant and have oysters and adult beverages. I think that was a much better choice.

We got up this morning to a much nicer day. We got out for a run-9ish, sort of late, but hey, it is our honeymoon after all. Susan ran for about 10 minutes with me. Actually I ran for 10 minutes with her and then she was ready to turn around and head back. I gave her the key and I kept going. I think she was relieved that she didn't have me tagging along with her and she could run/walk at her own pace. I went on for another 12 minutes and then turned around. I ran back in less time since I had run with Susan so I ended up with a round trip of about 39 minutes. Nothing fabulous but it was fun running in the sun and looking at the early morning scenery. Like all the spring breakers staggering out of their rentals, all hung over.

We decided that today would be our beach day. The clouds are non-existant, the breeze is mild, the sun warm. Beautiful day. Unfortunately, the water was COLD. Shrinkage cold (for you Seinfeld fans out there). Needless to say, we did not go past knee deep, thank goodness.

It occurred to me while on the beach, that this was a great equalizer. There was everything from young, pretty (and handsome) school kids throwing frizbees and footballs to an elderly couple that was fully clothed and just walked to the water's edge holding hands. There were also lots of folks like me-somewhere in the middle. Not young, not old. Not pretty, not ugly, not a hard body, not a fatty. The amazing thing is that with all the different people, body types, ages, races, nobody seemed to mind the next one being there. Thank goodness they let me on the beach! Just an observation.

Tomorrow we are going to Ft Morgan, taking the ferry to Dauphin Island and then heading up to Bellingrath gardens. After that, we are heading west to spend the night in Biloxi at Beau Rivage.

I'll keep you updated!

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