Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hey all. It's Wednesday lunchtime and I'm eating my can of solid white Albacore Tuna and fistfull of pretzels and drinking my third giant cup of water. Yes . . . doing weight watchers (Jim style) again. Now you may ask "what do you mean Jim Style?" We all agree that weekends are tough. That is when we party, go out to eat, and generally let go just a wee bit. I really hit the WW method hard on week days. However, if I way the same on Monday morning as I did on Friday morning, I count that as a win. I have had a good week so far. I have dropped 3.6 lbs since Monday morning. I know that's a bit much for a 48 hour period but that's just the way my body works. Sometimes it may be a couple of days of holding steady and then WHAM! I lose a couple of pounds.

Running. Let's see . . . I did a nice 5 miler on Saturday. Still not ready for any long runs but I can tell I'm starting to get stronger. I ran Monday afternoon. That was a fun run. Four miles, pushing it just a little. I was definitely winded when I finished but my recovery was quick and I regretted not having gone further. I walked eleven holes of golf Tuesday afternoon. It was first I have played since November and I was surprised that I was able to hit fairways and an occassional green. My score wasn't that good but I was happy with the contact and had mucho fun walking with my buddy Larry.

I am supposed to run 4 or 5 after work today but we'll have to see how it goes. There are storms about to blow into the B'ham area and supposed to last until sundown. Hopefully I'll find a gap so I can get out and get in some exercise.

The big social event of the week happens tonight. I'm taking Susan and girls to The Club for dinner and dancing. Tonight is the Father/Daughter dance and I know that E is going to try to dance my legs off. MAC may dance with me but she is bashful about getting on the dance floor. I'll post pictures later.

question for runners out there-
does anyone use the measure tool on Google Earth? If so, have you found it accurate. I do not use a GPS and I'm just too plain lazy to ride my bike or car along all my different running routes. It seems to be fairly accurate but just curious if anyone uses the tool.

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Phil said...

Jim ... I use the trail mapping function within BUCKEYE OUTDOORS ( It has a 'road following' feature that is really cool if you're sticking to established roads + a satellite view if you're going off road.