Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday. This seems to be the best day for me to catch up on things including my blog. Many things to talk about but I really don't want to bore you too much.

Yes, I've been running. After getting over my cold and back pains, I have crawled back out onto the pavement and re-started dragging my sorry butt around the 'hood and Susan's 'hood.

I ran 4 miles Saturday morning before cutting the grass and heading to Macon for Amy's wedding. More about that later and go check out her site.

I did a quick two miler at Susan's house on Monday. Wanted to do more but was pressed for time.

I did a three miler at Susan's house on Tuesday. It felt nice to be out there though it was a tad bit warm-low 80s.

Off today but will run Thursday and Saturday.

Okay. Other things-
We finally got around to getting started on painting MAC's new bedroom. She picked out the color. Dill pickle. Does that describe it well enough? Of course the girls wanted to help Monday. I was cutting in around the trim and ceiling and told them that they could roll the walls after I was finished cutting in. They wouldn't take no for an answer so I gave them a couple of brushes and told them to paint the corners. They also wanted to try their hand at painting UP TO the trim. Can you guess what happened? Yep, door trim now has some dill pickle on it. Oh well, we were going to repaint the trim anyway. Obviously, I'll do that!

Last Saturday I went to Macon for Amy and Troy's wedding. The weather was nice on the drive from Birmingham to about 20 miles north of Macon. I was in the convertible enjoying my ride when all of a sudden on the horizon I saw this big gray wall of water. Yep-rain. Pulled over in time and put up the top and plunged into the weather for the final 20 minutes to Macon. All along the way I kept hoping it would stop since the wedding was scheduled to be outdoors. No such luck. Poor Amy. Of course being AR type, she had plans for the rain and everything pretty much went without a hitch. In fact, it probably made things easier. Her alternate location was the Red Cross House in Macon where her reception was to be so we didn't have to drive from the wedding site to the reception. Lot's of folks I didn't know. Actually, the only ones I knew was Amy and Troy. Thanks guys for inviting me. I truly feel honored to have been there. Very handsome couple and Amy looked beautiful and happy.

I spent the night in Macon and Sunday I drove to Atlanta and spent the afternoon and night with my friends Todd and Kathy who recently moved to Kennesaw. Beautiful home off the beaten path. Thanks for the invite! Todd is going to be the photographer for Susan and my wedding.

That's about it for now.
Have a super day!

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Amy said...

We were glad to have you there!

And yes, I am THAT AR...haha. I always find it amusing how everyone knows how OCD/AR/organized I am...and I don't think I wear it on my