Monday, December 10, 2007


No, not losing a race . . . that always happens because technically unless you cross the line first, you lose. Second place IS the first place loser.

No, not losing my car keys. Though I do that from time to time, I found it much easier just to have four cars in case I do lose my keys.

No, not losing my mind. Hmmmmm, well maybe just a little bit.

I am talking about losing weight. Not vast amounts . . . yet. But enough to get excited about it. This time of year is so tough to buckle down and behave . . . I figure if I can just hold my own over the next couple of weeks, I'll be okay.

I'm still running 4 days a week and varying between 3 milers and 6 milers. No big mileage but consistency is the goal. I'm also still lifting 2 days a week and that is starting to pay off as well.

I have not decorated for Christmas. I haven't even thought about it to be honest. I'm not having any parties or guests over . . . what's the point? Chances are that I'm not going to be home during the holidays anyway. If I want Christmas cheer, I'll go next door and look at my neighbor's tree. Are there any other Scrooges out there?


Mary Rogers said...

Not that much but we (my kids and I) haven't done the tree yet.
Congratulations for your races! (I really wish I could have the energy for that, anyway...I'll go back to yoga and quit smoking...buu)
Best and Merry Christmas:=)

LumberMan said...

Thinking about you...wish you were here to drink an eggnog, well on second thought, a cold glass of low calorie H2O, with a little scotch. Love you....

DawnB said...

my husband is the merry on the day after Thanksgiving he decorates the house and the tree!!

Anonymous said...

I'm the biggest scoorge of eternity! Not really, I just don't care anything about contributing to all the commercialism. You know the rest about me. If you need someone to hang with that will not mention the "C" word and forget it exists...give me a holler!

ashville said...

Okay--so Ashville joins in; good you are not losing a race, cause all races have to end; or car keys (always good to have a spare car) really good you are not losing your mind because once lost, they are sometimes difficult to find and recognize as your own! The weight thing, well, it is not lost--somebody found it and took it for theirs. Fat just moves around, but never vanishes off the earth.Xmas, well that is the time to be glad you didn't lose all the other stuff and celebrate that one more year has passed and it has got to be better next year.
Okay, all joking aside--we all know what xmas is about, it is just sometimes hard to bring our life into the real celebration; but all things are possible.

Phil said...

Don't fret not decorating for Christmas. I haven't either (nor will I). Take it easy, get yourself centered again and move on with the new year.