Monday, October 29, 2007


Everyone's advice is to "simplify". I fully realize that at times my life is pretty much the beast that I have created and I agree that I have to simplify. I've had my GI and my cardiologist both tell me this past month that my body is not adapting well to stress. DUH. I wouldn't say that it is out of control but I've been letting too many outside things influence me. Working on changing that. Tougher to do than running. Speaking of which-

I've been running since my last post. averaging about 4 miles a day at least 4 days a week. I'm still not having fun doing it . . . can't figure out why my inner man is fighting with what usually brings me comfort and security. I'll just keep plowing through and I'm sure I'll have that break through eventually. The weather here is finally fabulous . . . afternoons in the highs 60s and low 70s with evening getting down into the 40s. Typical of Alabama . . . it's 90 degrees one, a front blows through and the temp is 60. We don't get our fair share of spring and fall. I'd prefer a more temperate climate . . . maybe I'll find somewhere to go that better supports my pursuit of outdoor activity.

I went to my neighbor's house for a cookout last night. Last week, my dear friends and neighbors, Todd and Kathy, announced that they are leaving us . . . moving to Atlanta for Todd's work. Big bummer. We decided to get together along with my other friends and neighbors, Jim and Karen, who were celebrating their anniversary. When I got over there, Karen and Kathy were attempting to untangle this horrible mess of yarn (they both knit) at the island in the kitchen. Apparently, the normally nice and neat skein (sp?) was not so nice and neat and Karen refused to take the loss on $40 worth of yarn. Personally, I'd chunk it and have a do-over but you know how women are. Anyway, after a couple of hours of messing with the yarn and slowly getting it untangled and balled up, they were victorious just as I was bringing the steaks in from the deck. We all sat at the table and had a great time laughing and cutting up. My dog Kelsey always goes to visit with Todd and Kathy and she was under the table begging for food. After a while she got quiet and then she started growling and tumbling around. We all figured she gave up begging and found a toy to play with. Well, that is sort of what happened. Somehow, she managed to get the ball of expensive yarn and had commenced to undue all the work that Karen and Kathy had accomplished earlier in the evening. Fortunately for Kelsey's health and Karen's sanity, it was only unrolled and not tangled. No blood, no foul.

I've been debating on keeping this blog going. I've also been thinking about a total revamp and renaming. My neighbor Jim said something that struck me as funny and deep on many levels and I asked him if I could use it. While he was playing with the fire in the chiminea, he so very obviously burned himself. His qoute was simple . . . "I'm a man, I'll cry later" struck a chord in me. I'll let you know if and when I decide to start my new blog under my neighbor Jim's mindset.


ashville said...

Seems to me, if you know the problem and that you created it then you can solve it. Stress is presssure and strain that distorts the body--simple don't let yourself get stressed out..My advice is cry now and get over it instead of holding it in--that is called stress. Try being more flexible and not so rigid in life, relax and enjoy yourself. Hey Mr. kid, if you can create a beast then you can recreate it into happiness.

DawnB said...

Its sad when good friends move away. Change is good and its worth a try.

Dom said...

Well don't give up on the blog now! You are some much more consistent than my monthly entries. I finally got one done today. BTW, I agree with the ever wise Asheville parent. Take a chill pill...more running leads to less stress because the more you run, the less time you have to build up unhealthy stress (that is my theory anyway). So keep on writing and running. Find some humor in life and laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...

Well well well.... you talk big fat boy. How about telling folks about the real Jim. The one that had rather play golf. Ok I said it the G word.
Running is fun if you have a goal. Golf is always fun.
At you age maybe you should take up knitting with you neighbors ha. ha.
Also know were do you mention your Thursday night stayover..... Boy that will get the blogers going.