Tuesday, October 16, 2007

just the facts, ma'am

Today is Tuesday. wow. Notice the lack of capitalization. I've been in a bit of a funk for a while and I'm really needing to get over it. Probably because I have not run in several days. The headcold I was complaining about last week hung on through the weekend. Amazing that something that I used to plow right through now takes a toll on me. I'm sure it's more a state of mind than anything else. However, I did have a fever one day. 101 degree to be exact.

On another front . . . . I had an endoscopy done yesterday morning. I had been having some problems similar to my past history (don't ask) so my GI suggested "we" take a look. "We" were not involved with it. My half of "we" was fast asleep thanks to good drugs. Karen, my next door neighbor was kind enough to haul my sorry butt to the hospital at 6:15 yesterday morning after she got in late from a weekend trip to Chicago. Susan offered to take me but she had teacher stuff and meetings to do so I didn't want to take from her time. Karen is an executive so it really doesn't matter what she does (sorry to all you executives out there).

After getting prepped and the Dr and nurse telling my bye, I magically ended up in a wheelchair in a room full of recovering patients. Very surrealistic . . . . I woke up long enough to look around and having this strange dream that I was in the movie Saw 3! Somewhere between my brief conciousness in recovery and my sofa at home, I remember getting in a car and staggering up my sidewalk. I have to trust Karen's word but she told me that I did and said things I don't remember. Don't know if that is a good thing or bad thing. It's just good to know that she is a good enough friend that she won't tell a soul!

I finally started waking up around 5 ish when the phone started ringing. I had several friends call to check on me and Karen and her husband Jim brought dinner over. Very much appreciated . . . THANKS! After eating and dozing through the first half of Monday night football, I crawled in bed and slept straight through until the alarm went off. Lots of good, drug enduced sleep. Just what the Dr ordered. According to Karen, the Dr said everything was fine and that I need to relax. Most of my problems are probably stress induced. Imagine that.

I didn't run tonight simply because I didn't feel like and I was pushed for time. Susan had some volunteer work to do for the "rich ladies of unnamed community" so I agreed to keep the girls. Another effort to hone my pseudo parenting skills. That's a whole new subject all by itself . . . I'm sure Phil knows where I am coming from. Let's just say that we're working on sorting out our skill sets and trying to figure out where we are going.

My plan is to run an easy one tomorrow and Thursday. Hopefully, Susan and I can run and play tennis on Saturday before we become couch potatoes watching UAT vs UT and AU vs LSU.

I also noted that I approaching my 200 post. Wow, hard to believe that I have bored you all that many times. Maybe I'll do something special . . . maybe not.


DawnB said...

Hi Jim hope all the drugs are out of you system by now. Sounds like you had a really hectic day yesterday. have a great weekend and I hope you get some running in.

ashville said...

Thank Karen for taking care of you-for us-You do know that you have a set of parents that would do anything for you--Nosey maybe but willing..But then you probably know that we would take advantage of your drugged situation and ask plenty of questions--and you might even answer them.