Thursday, October 11, 2007

Greetings to all. I know it's been awhile since I've blogged . . . does that give you a hint about my ability to commit? ;)

The last several weeks have been so-so. I've been running when I can but have failed to keep my promise to myself of getting my a$$ in gear and getting back onto schedule. I'm still a limp wristed girlie man who is too easily swayed from my "training" schedule. It's not like I have other commitments to live up to . . . I just find it too easy to find reasons to blow off my runs. Somebody PLEASE tell me to toughen up.

I have not run since Monday. Somehow, somewhere, I managed to catch a cold or at least something mimicing a cold. Started off with a sore throat, then headache, then fever. As of this morning, the fever is gone but the congestion has moved into the chest so now I have a nasty cough. My body tends to do this to me. I'd rather have all the symptoms at once and get it over with but fate would prefer to drag it out over time, one symptom at a time. I'm not going to run until this weekend. No sense in challenging my body just yet.

I am chomping at the bit to get out there . . . the weather has broken (again) and we are finally getting some more seasonal weather. The last couple of weeks we were still hitting high 80s and low 90s. More like September weather than October weather. I love this time of year . . . there is no better smell than that of leaves burning and fresh mown grass . . . I LOVE that smell. I also love that slight chill in the air as the sun goes down and the breeze picks up. I am so looking forward to the next couple of months!

Last Saturday, Susan and I ventured into new territory. We played tennis. Actually, we just volleyed some ground strokes just to get the feel of it. We ran a couple of miles and then walked to the tennis courts near her house. I used to play, ages ago. She played a little bit, ages ago. Surprisingly, we did not kill anybody else on the adjacent court nor did we injure ourselves . . . AMAZING! Since it was in the low 90s, we only hit and chased balls for about 45 minutes. I think we're going to start working this into a weekend routine as the weather cools.


Susan said...


You are one of the most committed persons I have ever met. I know there are many people out there ready to point out the level of commitments you have made in your life. It's probably more that nothing interests you enough to make a commitment. Only do what makes you happy in life. If you're not happy then move onto something else. For life is too short.


Ashville said...

Watch out for tennis, remember your Dads tennis toe? When you find something that you really want to do, you will find commitment is there--just comes automatically...but still requires a lot of work...thats life.

Phil said...

Playing Tennis with a significant other takes guts. My wife and I have never been able to do it. Something about smashing balls at a high rate of speed at someone you love doesn't sit right with me.

Good luck with the better running weather.