Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yellow snow?

Yes, I said pollen. Thank goodness that I do not have allergies. Don't know how things are going around the rest of the country, but here in central Alabama things are yucky. With the warm temperatures early this spring, it seems that every form of vegetation is amorous and trying to pollinate like there is no tomorrow. To make matters worse, it has not rained in a couple of weeks. Everything around here has a nice dull yellow coat on it. The parking lot at work looks like it has snowed yellow snow (there's a great visualization for you). Driving down the highway looks like driving down an old dirt farm road . . . yellow dust up in the air, swirling around, covering everything. Temperatures have been in the low to mid 80s with a couple of days in the high 80s. This is perfectly normal if it were the end of May. In summary, not great conditions for running, especially when it is supposed to be in the 60s with a couple of rain showers a week.

However, being the trooper that I am (yes, troopers can be fat), I have continued my running. Not training-just running. Trying to get back into a nice consistent pattern. I've been running without my watch and just enjoying the scenery . . . kids out playing, families strolling the street, people walking their dogs. It's amazing how so many people refuse to be outdoors until it gets warm weather.

WARNING- SOAPBOX MOMENT: kids and outdoors. What is it with kids now days that they stay glued to the computer or video games? I understand parents not wanting their kids napped by the boogie man, but in a neighborhood loaded with kids and at least a few adults out in the yards, I think safety is somewhat covered. I sadly chuckle to myself as I run by houses with basketball goals that never get used except by want-to-be middle agers like myself. Parents spend enormous amounts of money on b'ball goals, swing sets, forts, play sets, trampolines, etc. and I never, ever see kids using them. Our generation needs to become more responsible and teach those behind us how to use their bodies. I will now step off my soapbox.

I ran Saturday and Monday. Sunday afternoon was an active day . . . I was at Susan's after church and was in charge of the girls. After allowing some TV (I am not a hypocrite . . . Florida was playing Oregon on TV!), we moved to outdoor activities. One of E's friends came over and we had a soccer match that lasted about 40 minutes. It ended up a 4-4 tie. After that, we shot some hoops and had a nice game of HORSE. After that, it was time for a lesson . . . Susan has been trying to get E off her training wheels and we decided that Sunday was as good a day as any. I don't think I have ever worked so hard in all my life! I wanted to teach her the way my mom and dad taught me-tie a rope from the bike to the car bumper and just take off! (kidding). E is a good climber/player but I guess I am unaccustomed to the eye-hand co-ordination of a 7 year old. We spent 20 or 30 minutes just getting her used to the handlebars and balancing at the same time. I kept my hand on the back of the seat but let her have the handlebars. Pretty funny . . . like watching a drunk stagger home. However, she was a trooper and kept trying and eventually got where she could hold a straight line and turn the bike around in the street. After she got that down, I started pushing her a little faster and worked on her peddling and looking forward. Why she wanted to stop peddling and look at the ground is beyond me but we finally got it through to her that she had to peddle if she didn't want to fall. After a few more passes up and down the street, I secretly took my hand off the seat but jogged along beside her . . . she was doing fine until she realized she was doing it herself. Bottom line is that after an hour, she was able to ride by herself but interest was fading and though Susan wanted to keep up the lesson, I thought it time to stop (my back was hurting and I was sweating like a pig!). Now that she has a taste of it, I think that she will be wanting more, as long as we don't push her too much.

Susan's dad had his surgery but there was a little setback. Check out Susan's site for details and send her an encouraging word.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you and sounds like you are busy and busy is good. Keep up the good work and it seems to me (if I remember correctly)you were riding a bicycle before you were 5 years old and no you were not tied to the car but holding on to it.

Dom said...

Hey I am back to blogging. Discussing my more recent atrial flutter problem than I am my running or riding!

Phil said...

It's amazing how children play outside. Parents (including me) spend untold $$$ arranging for things for their kids to do. It's amazing they can survive after college without a personal assistant.

Good to see you out running.

Amy said...

I often wonder what the inside of our lungs looks like with all the yellow snow!

I'm so with ya on the kids thing. There is a reason that 1/3 of all kids are obese now....I'll stay off my soapbox, as I think you said it good enough!

Loved the bike story...a little triathlete in the making!

Anonymous said...

Hope yellow snow has melted and children are out playing and you are stress free, and all is well.