Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Welcome back

Yes, I am back to my blogging. I've been out of pocket, out of sorts, and out of time but things have sort of settled for now and I can share my thoughts with you once again. I know that you're thrilled.

Over the past several weeks we have finally gotten some rain. What a relief to discover that all my vehicles were not yellow as the welcome wet stuff washed the pollen off.

Over the last couple of months my running has ebbed and flowed. More ebbing to be honest. Part of the problem was my legs were hurting. Note to self-replace your shoes after 350 miles. Yep . . . I needed new shoes and what a difference. I've run Monday and Tuesday this week and my legs feel great. I did 6 miles on Monday . . . nothing spectacular-just ran. Shelly joined me for a couple of miles and I enjoyed the company. Tuesday I went to Susan's and ran in Mountainbrook where there are no flat roads. Very hilly and tough running but I did a 30 minute loop that was very rewarding. Nothing like seeing everything in bloom and looking at 500k to 1 million dollar homes along the route. Makes me realize how really poor I am! Everyone I saw along the way was friendly and waved . . . if they only knew that I was just a visitor!

As some of you know, I had gotten into the lottery for last Fall's NYC marathon and had gotten in. However, I bailed out due to injury and was guaranteed entry into the 2007 NYC marathon. I received my notification of my entry and all I need to do is send them money. Could this be what I need to get me back on track or just another pipe dream? I think I'll send in the money. I have roughly seven months to get ready. I know that seems like a long time but as you well know, when you're training for a marathon, you need lots of time.

Susan's dad is doing better and is leaving rehab this week to go home. Her computer had died a couple of months ago and I had loaned her my laptop. Last Saturday I helped her pick out a new machine and set it up for her. Hopefully she'll finally get off of dial up and start using all that horsepower she got Saturday.

Watch for a future blog, I am wanting some feedback on an issue and I am putting together a questionnaire. Doesn't that sound like fun???

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hey Hamlin, welcome back and when you need new shoes, buy them and if you want a home in Mountain-
brook buy it--why not..?I think that would be a good thing. Stay healthy and you are able to do anything that you think you can do!

DawnB said...

Thanks for your visit Jim always nice to have a visit from you and I'm glad. I believe this is my last year for the gauranteed entry to NYC so I might just see you there!!!