Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It has been a week. Where does the time go?

First, running. Yes, I am making time to sneak in a few runs. Even enough to put a very slight lead over the FAT MAN! I ran Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday last week. Nothing farther than 4 miles but I have now re-established a four day running routine. This week I have run Monday. Did not run Tuesday for assorted reasons, none of which is a good excuse other than Susan and MAC had to run for a while so I was watching E who is 8 years old and not quite at that point where you can trust a child so I stayed in with her. My modified schedule has me running tonight, Friday night and Saturday (or Sunday).

So I've been married for 2 weeks and 4 days. As expected, it has been a trip. A few things done and many more to get accomplished. Finally got the plumbing problems fixed . . . let's just say that the 30" diameter red oak that is invading the drain line will have to go next year. I have finally got "my" room sort of settled though it still needs painting. The baby blue fit what was formerly E's room but tends to make the male gender feel a little . . . unmanly. Gonna paint that sucker over the Christmas holidays. I have moved out a few extraneous things from MY room-the air hockey table is out. The sofa and end table have been rearranged for maximum TV watching. I have moved out the 27 inch console TV and replaced it with my 43 inch Sony HD flat screen from my other house (men, insert grunting sounds here). We have also dumped Charter and I have moved my DirecTV service to Susan's house . . . no charge. Very cool. I have also been fighting with Bellsouth. Sorry if any of the readers work for ATT or Bellsouth but I have to say that I am livid. It seems that my ID cannot be reused when I cancel my internet service and go under Susan's ID. Yes, I can create a second mailbox and account with Susan as primary but I am not allowed to reuse my jhambham@bellsouth. The other choice would be for Susan to cancel and change her ID but then I get stuck with a "relocation" fee. I guess I'll end up just canceling my internet service with Bellsouth and just use a webmail account. I have set up another address . . . . I will send out a notice to everyone in my address book of the change. Feel free to use either for now but you may as well change over to gmail and get used to using it.

Let's see . . . what else??? Oh yeah, it seems that there has been rash of break-ins in my neighborhood and in Susan's community. The thing about it is that both our communities are very nice communities with traditionally very low crime rates. Don't know if it's the fact that it is Christmas time or that times have gotten hard enough to drive the low life scum of our society into nicer environs. In any case, we have now enabled the security system at Susan's house AND we are installing a safe. As I told the sheriff in my community, if I catch someone in my house and they don't haul ass, somebody is leaving in the horizontal position. He gave me the thumbs up but cautioned me the culprit needs to be in the house and not shot in the back. Cool.

Another thing . . . I need to rename and refurb the "my hot girlfriend" blog. I'm open for suggestions.

a) eliminate that blog altogether and just keeping personal stuff on this blog.


b) keep my blog here for runners only and move the personal stuff to the renamed blog.

I will be posting wedding photos by the weekend.


Aunt Susan said...

How about "My hot wife"? She didnt change, just her title.

Dom said...


1. Where is part 3?
2. I used to live down the street from you and never ate brunch at your parents house?
3. With regard to manly tools - gggrrrrr, uhhh, uhhh, uhhh!
4. To keep it a bit naughty, you could say "my hot mistress."

Phil said...

It's your blog ... combine what ever you want. We'll keep reading.