Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A brief aside

Yes, those of you anxiously awaiting to hear about the remainder of my first week as a married man must stand to the back of the line.

Running. Relative to the first week of marriage-next to nada. A couple of miles here and there and that was it. However, I did run 2 on Monday afternoon and 3 this afternoon. Have to get back in the groove, you know.

Okay. It seems I've been tagged by Amy (http://www.amysrunninglife.com/) to list SIX (6) things that make me happy. I've been thinking about it for a while and this is actually tougher than it sounds. I guess I am a simpleton because there are lots of things that make me happy. However, if you're talking about deep, deep down inside, the things that I wouldn't trade, I think I can narrow it down somewhat. I am also taking Amy's advice as well (you'll have to read her blog to see what she said to me). Thanks Amy . . . I never would have thought of that!!!!!

1. My new life with Susan. She is a nurturer by nature so she's always ready to serve. That is not why I am here. I am also a serving person and I guess that sort of makes up disgusting in the fact that we are trying to do things for each other. I cannot imagine her not being in my life. I love her.

2. My new life with Susan's girls. I know, I know . . . that is two things that technically fall in the same category but it is somewhat different. Mind you, I was in my mid 40s before I even got exposed to being around kids for longer than a few minutes. I never really had the paternal instinct . . . until now. I find myself being stepdad to two daughters-12 and 8. Lovely girls and each has certain attributes from their mom-some good and some, well, not quite so good but all in all great girls. I never realized how meaningful a hug, a kiss, or holding hands with a child could be. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

3. Like my tagger, Amy, I am a little bit anal retentive. That being said, I am very happy when a plan falls into place. There is nothing better than thinking through an objective, plotting and planning (and maybe doing a spreadsheet as well!), and executing a plan. Doesn't matter the objective . . . just achieve something that you created. Of course, we runners love to schedule and plan our runs, whether a 10k or a marathon. Nothing like knowing your splits before you run them!!!

4. Hard work. I know, sounds stupid but it does make me happy. I'll have to give my parents the credit for this one. They were not slave drivers but they led by example. I learned so much from them both and I find myself applying lessons from my childhood into everyday things. I am always so shocked when I hear guys talking about sleeping until lunch, sitting around watching ballgames all day, just goofing off on the weekends. HERESY!!!! I realize that there are times for playing and fun but I am so happy when I have a weekend of work planned (#3 above) and can get up early on a Saturday morning and work until dinner time. Very satisfying.

5. Friends. I don't mean aquiantances. I mean REAL friends. The kind that will do anything for you and you'll do anything for them. The kind of folks you can call up at a moments notice and have them meet you at the hospital or invite them to dinner and you know that they'll be there. Priceless.

6. Breakfast at my parents. Yep, simple. Of course you haven't been there so don't be so quick to blow this one off. I promise that if you ever come to visit me, I'll include you on an excursion to my parents' house for the MONSTER BRUNCH. How many ways can you eat pork???? just ask my parents. Nothing better than sitting around the table for a couple of hours, eating and sharing stories. Hmmmmm . . . maybe it's the company and not the breakfast?

There you have it. Six things that make me happy.

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