Friday, May 11, 2007

Yes, I am alive

Guess what I am doing right now?

Besides typing?

I am sitting at Susan's computer with someone special in my lap. Not Kelsey. Not MAC. Not E. Enough said.

I am 1 week and 1 day without wisdom teeth. I had assumed that losing the teeth would mean that I would lose weight. That should mean that my running should improve. WRONG.

I have recovered nicely. The surgeon was pleased with my 1 week follow up and released me to do anything I want to do. He had told me nothing strenuous until the follow up visit so I behaved. I was worried about gaining weight but after several day of applesauce and soup, I didn't need to worry about weight gain. I had them taken out on Thursday morning and Susan was a trooper and stayed with me Thursday and Friday to make sure I didn't bleed to death or try driving while on pain meds. By Saturday, I was pretty much back to normal and by Sunday, I was off pain meds altogether except for an occasional visit to the Tylenol bottle.

I ran two miles Thursday afternoon at Susan's house. She joined me for a light run and we spent most of it "girl talking". Just stuff. I ran two miles this afternoon at Susan's house. She didn't join me tonight. Too busy doing Sudoku and drinking wine. Oh yeah . . . . and she had her two girls and two of their friends. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Excuses not to run.

We were supposed to do soccer tonight but we had a great storm blow through. We needed the rain so I am not going to complain. Besides, MAC is having fun playing with her friend. Both E and MAC are having their friends stay over to spend the night and it is fun listening to laughing in the other room.

We also bought a fort/treehouse/swingset for the girls last night at Sams. My parents love Sams. I'm sort of indifferent . . . I always spend money when I go there. Anyway . . . Susan and I unloaded 4 boxes weighing about 250 each last night while the girls were with their dad. The instructions say it should take TWO semi-skilled men 24-28 hours to build this thing. I figure I am SKILLED since I have helped my dad build houses and have built my own. I also figure if I leave out every other bolt I can probably build it in about 12 hours. Of course, if I have a six pack while building it, I could probably get it done in 6 hours!

I still owe you guys and girls a questionairre. I promise it is coming. Don't you love being teased?

Have a SUPER weekend!


Ashville said...

Sure you're alive and why not, make the best of it. Life is like a box of chocolates and you have the whole box in your hands. Enjoy.
Kinda took that from someone else.

DawnB said...

I'm glad all went well. That was alot of dental work!!