Thursday, May 03, 2007


Hello everyone. I am blogging after my bedtime. And for good reason. I've slept the better part of the day. I'll tell you why in a little bit but let me catch you up on running and soccer.

Of course you knew that I had run on Monday evening. Tuesday, I normally run but I needed to get the grass cut and go to MAC's soccer game so I slid my running schedule to Wednesday. This also worked out good for the next several days (this ties in to my sleeping story).

MAC's game was fun to watch. We played a team that really wasn't that good but like I told her, you have to able to sharpen your claws occassionally and this was a good one for doing that. It was evident from the start of the game that we outmatched them. I think they cleared the ball from their half of the field only two or three times the first half. Our girls got to run a lot of set offense and moved the ball around well. I was there with my SLR and tried to take some pictures. Hopefully I got some good shots. I love my old Pentax Super Program. I've had it around 25 years and though it is ancient technology, it still takes decent pictures if I try really hard. I'm thinking about upgrading to digital SLR. I have a couple of digital point and shoots but to do what I want to do, I need to upgrade. I digress. The final score of the game was 7-1. It was 6-0 at half and the coach just kept running players in and out and trying them at different positions. I guess that's a pretty smart move so you know how to better substitute later in the season. It seems that there are certain combinations of girls that work better. The teams two really good players wrecked havoc on the other team from the word go. Of course one of those two girls is MAC. The other girl's name is Chandler and she may be just a shade better than MAC but they play together very well. They know where each other is going to be and watching them pass and work together is really fun. Chandler had two goals . . . and one was an absolute rocket that would have taken the goalie's arm off if she had been able to get to it. MAC had three goals and was the high scorer. Whoever would have thought I'd get so excited at a 10 year old girl's soccer game?

Wednesday afternoon I came home and got in 4 miles and worked out a little bit. The temp has jumped back into the mid to high 80s and the running is tough and slow. However, I am surviving and I think that I am starting to make a little progress in my return from sloth land. Susan came over and we went out for dinner. My last decent meal for a few days.

You see, I had my wisdom teeth removed this morning. Yep. I am 47 years old and doing something that should have been done years ago. Actually, my third molars came fully in when I was a teenager and I never had any problem. However, my dentist has been after me for a while to have them removed. I had one that was broken badly (but no pain) and two others with cavities. She said in the long run, it would be less expensive and less time consuming to get those puppies out. She referred me to a nearby oral surgeon whom I was comfortable with so I did it. I also had a tooth that had had a root canal a long time ago that I broke off a couple of months ago doing something stupid. Not talking about that!. So I actually had 5 teeth pulled. I will be getting a post and crown for the one that was broken so I won't have a big gap in my grin.

My dentist told the surgeon to sedate me since I am a big chicken. Thank you very much. I was not fully under . . . just sort of twilighting but enough to make me not care about what was going on inside my head. Susan drove me this morning and brought me home. I was in my big leather chair watching TV and sleeping by 10:00 am. I snoozed off and on most of the day and got up long enough to drink some fluids and take my pills. Right now I feel pretty good but I am sure it is the Lortab talking. I am going to sit up til midnight and take another pill before going to bed. Susan stayed over today to keep an eye on me and she's staying tonight in case I need anything. The bleeding has just about stopped but I think I'll go ahead and put some more gauze in before I go to bed, just to be safe. The Dr told me not do any heavy work or exercise until next week so I have an excuse to be a slug.

Wish me well and I'll be posting the next few days on my recovery and if I took any good pictures from MAC's game.


Anonymous said...

Good show-- dental work done (for awhile) and back to life...sounds like you would make a good soccer coach--Glad you are back on track and life is good to you.

DawnB said...

Hope you're feeling better now thats alot of teeth to pull at one time!!!