Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yesterday (Monday) was a very nice day for a run. The temp was down and scattered clouds, slight breeze. PERFECT. Unfortunately, my run was not perfect. In fact, I woke up hurting this morning. BUMMER. However, I know the problem and could have prevented it. Sort of like sticking your tongue in the toaster-you know it's not a good idea but you just have to know for sure. Let me 'splain . .

Sunday morning I did a very sweet four miles in the rain. Didn't care . . it felt great. I finished up, took my orthotics out of the shoes and took them in the house. I put the dripping wet shoes in the laundry room (no, not in the dryer) to air dry. I figured they'd be dried out by Monday afternoon. Wrong. So, I pulled out an old, old, old pair of shoes I had retired and a very comfortable. Well, at least they are comfortable for knocking around in. Not so good for running in anymore. My ankles and knees hurt the whole time I was running. Ain't doing that again.

Since my B'day is coming up, I am going to get me some new shoes. I normally keep two pair in rotation but since I was not doing that many miles, I had let myself get down to one pair. I will be getting back into my favorites-Brooks Beast. I love my Mizuno Wave Renegades but they just don't hold up like the Beast.

Hopefully my present shoes have dried out and I'll be able to get in a four miler this afternoon.

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