Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Had one of "those" runs last night. No, not a bad one, but a good one. They seem so few nowadays. I still have not got a handle on my life as a married man with kids but working on it. I have taken easy scheduling so much for granted. Now I realize, more than ever, that time is a premium and I have to save some for myself.

anyway . . . Had a couple of tough runs last week. Just didn't feel good, legs sore, pushed for time, lots of junk on my mind. Nothing seemed to groove. Ran Sunday afternoon and swore that I was going to just quit running altogether-it was awful. I didn't quit but slogged through an awful three miles. Ran right after church and the weather was pretty but it just didn't work.

However, last night was like magic. You know what I mean? I didn't get started until after dark. It was cold and getting colder by the minute. Stiff breeze from the west. Should have been tough for a run but I had a blast. I did wear lightweight tights (such a wuss), a windshirt and windvest, thin gloves and ear protection. Also wore my little red flashy lights to I wouldn't get run over or so Susan could find my body laying in a ditch, whichever came first. After a cuople of hundred yards, my breathing grooved, my legs didn't hurt, good running and breathin cadence . . . . could it be that the runner inside of me had been hiding? Decided to come out and play in the dark of a cold, snowy night? Yep, that is what made it really fun-it was snowing like crazy and the feel of the cold ice crystals hitting my face was so invigorating. I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment.

worked out after getting back home and that went well also.

Did somebody flip a switch in my head?


Anonymous said...

Hamlin, life is strange and never understood. You have joined in with a family that was already fixed and in place. Your mind (thoughts) create your life (and running) and so when you are unstable in your thoughts- trying to do too much- so goes your life. Everything has changed and now your time belongs to three other people and you have to adjust. Time is precious and you have to prioritize but give yourself time also.It's okay--it's alright, just be flexible and enjoy a different kind of life. Ashville

Anonymous said...

Go back to Your married with a family blog and read Aug. 18, 08. Think it wiil be good for you.