Wednesday, June 17, 2009

wow . . . two weeks since last post.

I have been running. Honest.

I have actually been able to work my schedule into the family's schedule and get in four runs a week for the last several weeks. None of them were spectacular but each one builds on the previous and is helping me to get back into the swing of things.

I am planning on running this afternoon, against advice from all our local weather goobers. High 90s with index around 105. Did I mention that I am FAT? The heat combined with the hills in my 'hood combined with the excess baggage attached to my waist will make for a nice, slow, sweaty workout or put me in the hospital!!! Actually, I do enjoy the heat. I just hate that it takes me so long to get cooled off. Nothing like standing in the shower and sweating at the same time.

I ran Sunday afternoon . . . it was rainy and somewhat cool (mid 70s). Had a pretty fun time on that run though I didn't do great. I had worked in the yard for several hours beforehand and had expended lots of energy. I ran Monday in the heat. I did the Locksley loop which throws in a couple of extra hills. Very bad idea. I completed the run am embarrassed to say that I had to walk one of the last hills. Susan and MAC rode their bikes. They gave me about a 10 minute head start and were going to try to catch me. Actually, that wasn't much of a challenge. They caught me at about 2 1/2 miles of my 3 1/2 mile run. It was hot and sweaty but fun with family involvement.

We are starting to gear up for vacation. We're heading to Hilton Head Island next week. I know that it is 3 hours further than going to the gulf coast for us, we enjoy it and the girls love the island. As far as "beauty" goes, I do like the gulf coast, especially South Walton beach between Destin and Panama City. However, that nice white fluffy sand does not encourage biking and running on the beach. Bikes will sink to the axles and unless you're superman, the super soft sand will ruin your knees. I prefer eastern beaches with the harder packed sand-much more functional. Plus HHI has all kinds of bike/running trails all over the island, through the trees, around lagoons . . . fun for spotting wildlife and sharing a smile with other bikers and runners.

other exciting things going on . . . root canal on Tuesday morning. Went well with no problems (so far). Susan and I are having dinner tonight at The Club with B and Carl (friends from CT). Walking 9 holes tomorrows with my buds. I played well last week and hope to keep the streak going-it may even force me to take my clubs to HHI. That's about it for now.

Get out there and do something. Anything. Just enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the root canal, those are never fun. Yall have a wonderful time on your vacation, just have fun.
Susan (aunt)

Anonymous said...

back from vacation and so where is your information blog--some of us are interested in the personal where did the other family blog go? Hey, there are weird people out here and we depend on blogs into others lives. And so it goes in ashville