Monday, May 11, 2009


yep . . . another one. And thanks to my buddy Phil (AZ Phil), I found out that I am about 40% of the way through my 4160 Mondays that I'll have to live through. So far so good.

Last week was not a great week for running though I did walk 9 holes twice and that has to count for something doesn't it? I mean, carrying 30 lbs of golf clubs, bag, balls, beverages for about 2 1/2 miles in 80 plus degree heat counts as exercise in my book.

I ran Monday, golfed Tuesday, ran Wednesday, golfed Thursday. After that, I was a total slug. Between lack of uuumph, out of town soccer tournament, and this gosh awful depressing grey sky/rain we get every weekend, I just didn't manage to get in any miles over the weekend. I will, however, try to squeeze in some mileage this evening after taking E to dance and then from dance to soccer practice. I may just throw on my running clothes and run while soccer practice is going on.

Soccer tournament-
No repeat state championship. Our team is about speed and technique. Not good things to rely on when the fields are ankle deep in muck and it's raining the entire time. MAC played well . . . she is fortunate in that she understands how to switch from speed to power. It's great that she takes coaching so well. We've been working with her about shortening her stride and no quick turns on wet fields. It payed off . . . several times she easily outmanuevered players from the other teams as they slipped down or lost their footting. Our first game ended in a 4-4 tie. We originally thought that we'd smoke this team since we jumped out to a 3-0 lead and seemed to have things under control. However, our defense just didn't clear the ball as effectively as in the past and our goalies just were not on their game. MAC had two goals and an assist. Once goal should go on the highlight reel-she intercepted a pass while playing mid-center, gave a head fake and she was off to the cleaners. She ended up with a clear field outside the goalie's box and set the goalie up perfectly. Great fun to see it come together like that. Our second game was against a team that got slaughtered by the team we had tied so we sort of expected a win which we needed to get into the playoffs. Unfortunately, the other team scored two quick goals and our girls couldn't seem to recover. We had a few decent shots at goal including MAC slamming one into the post. The game ended up getting called a few minutes into the second half due to lightning and under Alabama Youth Soccer rules, the game was done. A tie and a loss sent us into a consolation game late Sunday morning. We ended up playing against our sister team that MAC plays with sometime. All the girls and parents know each other and most are friends and it made for a fun and interesting game. The other team scored in the first minute of the game and rest of the game was a defensive struggle ending in a 0-1 loss for us. Basically, we stunk it up with 0 wins, 2 losses, 1 tie. We now get a short respite from soccer and try outs begin in about three weeks.

that's about it for now.

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there . . . and you know who you are!!!


Anonymous said...

yes, I fall into that category of Mothers and thank you for the happiness wished. Sports and teams, with your children, are the things that help you grow up but lead you into temptation, and if handled right, will deliver you from evil--whatever that means? Carrying around bags, beverages and clubs is exercise but has not got my weight down yet. Maybe it is the golf that helps helps.

Cindy said...

Hi Jim. Thanks for the visit and the nice comment. Yes, all the photos are mine. I never post a photo that I didn't take myself. I love Black-eyed Susans and you're right they look similar.

Have a great week.

courtne450 said...

Yeah, I'd love to get the girls together sometime. Lexie would be so excited! Just let me know when, and we'll be there. Hey, and some vittles sound great too.

Love ya,